As an Administrator of a Client account, you can connect to contractors that use Sitepass. When your contractor does not have a Sitepass account, you can send them an invitation to join. Once they have joined, they can accept your invitation to connect.  

Connection fees are based on your number of connections.

To invite a contractor to join Sitepass so that you can connect:  

  1. Log in to Sitepass as an Administrator of a Client account. 
  2. Click on the Contractors option in the left-hand index.
    This opens the Contractors page.

  1. In the top right-hand corner, there is a button called Add a contactor. Click that button.

    A panel opens to the left of the screen called Invite contractor.
  1. If your contractor does not appear here, go to the bottom of the panel and select the Invite a contractor button.

    A panel opens to the left of the screen called Invite contractor. It has two tabs: Group invite and Personal invite.

    Examples of the tabs and descriptions of how they work are provided below:

    Group invite

    The Group invite tab allows you to invite a group of contractors to connect to your business in Sitepass.  It gives you a link that you can send out as a bulk invitation. You can use this link in whatever way suits your business. For example, you might have a web page where you display the link for your contractors, making it easier for them to join Sitepass as your contractor. Or you might want to use it to send out a bulk email to your contractors.

    All your contractor roles appear on this tab. Each one has an individual link. You may need to enable the role for Group invite to be active for that role.

    To enable a role, go to the context menu (three little dots) and select  Enable when the drop-down appears.

    When a role is active, you can drag your mouse over the link to highlight then copy it.

    You can use the context menu to copy or refresh the link or to disable the role.

    The Group invite link remains unchanged - unless an administrator of your business chooses to refresh it. Once refreshed, the old link is made invalid, and anyone trying to use it after the refresh receives a message saying that the Invite code is invalid or has expired.

    Personal invite

    The Personal invite tab enables you to send a single invitation to your contractor, which allows them to connect to your business in Sitepass; this link expires after one click or after seven days - whichever comes first.

    The first step when inviting a contractor is to select their role; this is the role that you would like them to be assigned when they connect to your business in Sitepass as your contractor. You can then copy the link and send it to the contractor directly. Alternatively, you can have the link emailed through Sitepass.

    Copy the link
    When you choose the role, a link appears in the Link field that you can copy by selecting the link itself or by clicking on the Clipboard icon.
    Email a single invitation via Sitepass
    You can have an invitation emailed through Sitepass to your contractor that invites them to connect to your business in Sitepass as a contractor. To do so, you need to choose their role, then add their email address in the Email address field; this enables the Send Invitation button. Click on this button to have Sitepass send them an email invitation to join Sitepass, which then allows them to connect to your business as your contractor.