As a Site Manager or Site Administrator, you have access to your business's work site details in Sitepass. Your work sites are listed when you land on the Work Sites page. Each listing on this page contains the name and address of the work site.  

You can also add Work Sites via this page and search for a Work Site by its name or by its address.

An example of a business with several work sites in their Sitepass Work Sites page is shown below:

Steps - View the suppliers connected to a work site

To view all the suppliers that are currently connected to a work site, please follow these steps:

  1. Login as a Site Administrator or Site Manager.
  2. Go to the Work Sites page.
  3. Click on the desired Work Site.
    The page for that work site opens with the Work Site Details in focus - an example is provided below:

  1. Click on the Suppliers tab on the left panel.
    All Suppliers associated with the selected work site are displayed - for example:

You can then click on a supplier to view their details in connection with your business - such as their workflows for that work site, their supplier workers that are connected to your site, and which of your work sites the supplier is connected to.

Steps - View the supplier workers connected to a work site

You can pick one of your work sites and see the suppliers that are connected to that work site. When you drill down further, you can open one of those suppliers and see all of their workers that are also connected to that particular work site. To do so, please follow these steps:  

  1. Follow all the steps under the Steps - View the suppliers connected to a work site workflow (provided above).
  2. Click on one of your suppliers.
    Their page opens with information pertaining to their connection to your work site - for example:

  1. Under the Manage section, click on the Workers tab, the supplier workers for that work site are displayed on the page - for example:

  1. To find out more information about a supplier worker, click on their profile picture; this opens a page that contains the requirements they need to meet (or have met) to be connected to your site. An example is provided below:  

More Information

For more information on work sites, please see the following articles: