As an Administer or a Site Manager, you can create new work sites for your business. An example of a business with several work sites in their Sitepass Work Sites page is shown below: 

You can also update the details against a work site if need be. For more information, please see our Edit a work site's details article.

Steps - adding a work site

To add a Work Site, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in as a Site Administrator or a Site Manager.
  2. Go to the Work Site page by clicking on the Work Site icon in the index.

  3. Click on the Add work site button.
    The Add work site slide-out panel opens from the left-hand side of the screen.

  1. Add the work site name in the Work site name field (mandatory).
  2. Begin typing the address of your work site in the Address lookup field.
  3. Select your work site's address when it appears in the Address lookup field's drop-down list. 
  4. Scroll down to the Contact Details section.
  5. Add your work site's best contact phone number in the Phone number field (within the Contact Details section).
  6. If your work site has a fax number, add it in the Fax number field.
  7. Add an email address in the Email address field. 
  8. Scroll down to the Work Site Managers section. 
  9. Click on the menu option within the Select work site manager field. A drop-down appears that lists all your employees with a Site Manager role. An example is provided below:

  10. Choose all applicable employees to be a Site Manager for this work site.
  11. If required, upload all resource documentation in the Resources section.
  12. When you have added all the required information, select the Submit button.

Congratulations! You have added a work site for your business. 

Add work site - parameters

The field parameters for the Add work sites panel are provided below:

Work site name

The name you would like the work site to be called.

Location Details

Contains a Google map an Address Lookup section, and a way to manually enter your business's address. 

Contact Details
  1. The Phone number field where you can add the best phone contact number for the work site. There is a drop-down that allows you to pick the country where the work site is situated. (mandatory)
  2. The Fax number field where you can add fax details for the work site.
  3. The Email address field where you can add the best email contact for the work site. (mandatory)
Work Site Managers

Allows you to select the Site Managers from the list of your employees. You can add multiple employees to be your Site Managers.


The Resources section allows you to upload documents specific to the work site.

More Information

For more information on work sites, please see the following articles: