The Induction Training step, which can be accessed via the My Workflows page, lists all the online courses that you may have to complete before commencing work for a business. You can also find these courses listed on your dashboard.

Steps - access your online courses

To access the online courses assigned to you for a specific business:

  1. Navigate to the My Workflows page.
  2. Select the business that you need to complete training for by clicking on its name or logo.
  3. Click on the Induction Training workflow step link.
    The page displays all the online courses assigned to you for the selected business; they are in alphabetical order. The online courses display in two sections - Incomplete Training and Completed Training.

    An example of the Induction Training workflow step is provided below:

Your progress is tracked, which means that you can stop a course at any time and you do not lose your progress. When you choose to continue your course, you will start at the last page you viewed.

Steps - start an online course

To start an online course, please follow these steps: 

  1. Repeat the steps listed above under: Steps - access your online courses.
  2. Click on the title of the required course.
    The course content page displays - you can use this to navigate through the course.

    An example is provided below:

Complete a course - Requirements

To complete the course, you need to:

  • View all pages. 
  • Complete all activities; and
  • Pass all assessments.

The course progress is shown by displaying what percentage of the course has been completed; this is displayed in the course itself, in the Induction Training workflow step, and on your Dashboard. For example:

When the course displays a 100% progress rate, the course is classed as complete and a certificate of completion is issued. 

When you have completed all online training assigned to you, the induction training step is automatically submitted for approval; this goes to the client administrator who assigned you that training course.  

More Information

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