The contact details section under your profile allows you to manage your personal contact information. You can add your personal or work contact details via this page.

Your contact details are divided into the following sections: 

Street Address

Your street address can be your personal or work address. The Street Address section contains the following sub-sections:

At the top of this section is a Google map that can help you find your address.

Address lookup 
Use the Address lookup search bar to search for your address. As you start typing in the field, address options appear in the search bar drop-down - for example:

Clicking on one of these addresses adds it as your address.

To change the address selected here, simply click in the bar, delete the old information, and start typing the new address.

Once selected, your address information is added to the page. 

You cannot edit the address fields by typing in them, you need to update your address via the search bar or by using the - Can't find your address? Click here to enter the address manually - feature. An example is shown below: 

Mailing Address

You can use your street address as your mailing address by ticking the Same as street address checkbox on - as shown below:

Untick this checkbox if you would like to add a separate mailing address. 

To update this address manually, follow the tips provided under the Address lookup section (above). 


Contact Details
You can use this section to add your contact details. By default, at least one email is needed, as this allows you to receive communications from Sitepass about your account.

Add new contact details
You can add new contact details by clicking on the Add button.
When you click Add, the Add Contacts slide out panel opens:

You can now add your contact details to the following fields:

  • Type (mandatory) - allows you to classify the type of contact you are adding. You can choose Personal, Business, or Emergency from the drop-down list. 
  • Format (mandatory) - allows you to classify the type of contact format you are adding. You can choose Email, Phone, Mobile, or Website from the drop-down list.
  • Information (mandatory) – allows you to add your contact information. The Information field changes to match what you chose for the contact Type. For example, if you chose email, the Information field’s label changes – it is now called Email. Please note that standard validations occur against your contact details.
  • An optional checkbox appears when you choose Email as the contact Type; it is called Use this contact to receive notifications; this is unchecked by default.

Remember to submit your changes by clicking on the Submit button. 

Alternatively, click the Cancel button to cancel your changes.

Edit or delete your contact details
The Edit and Delete options against your contacts allow you to maintain your contact details. The display of your contact details depends on the size of your screen. For example, a larger screen displays them in a row:

Whereas, as smaller screen displays them in a box:

Edit button: Click the edit option to edit your details - this opens the Edit Contacts panel.

You can also resend your verification email (if needed) via the Edit Contacts panel.

Delete button: You can delete your contact details by clicking on Delete. However, you need at least one email contact with the Notification setting checked on. The following error appears if you try to delete your contact if it is the only one with that setting checked on:

The easiest way to get around this is to edit the contact instead, remove the old details, add the new email address, ensure the Notification flag is checked on, and then save your changes. 

Sitepass sends you a verification email when you add a new email address and choose to receive notifications via that address. An example of the verification email is provided below:

Once the email is verified, Sitepass sends you a confirmation email. Sitepass can now send your notifications to that address.

More Information

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