Every workflow requirement contains a set of workflow steps. A workflow step is essentially a form where information can be submitted to a business for verification and approval purposes. 

Complete a Workflow Step

To complete a workflow step, please follow these instructions: 

  1. Navigate to your My workflows page. On this page, all the clients that you or your employer are connected to are displayed.
    • As a general user, you can only view your workflow requirements for a particular business once you are connected to that client.
  2. Select the business that you wish to complete the workflow requirement for by clicking on the business logo or name.
  3. Select the workflow step that you wish to complete.
  4. Populate the information as outlined and required by the workflow step. The fields available here depend on the type of information required by the form. All mandatory fields have a Required tag on the top corner of the field. 
  5. Click the Submit button; this submits the information populated on the workflow step.

Multiple Records

A form can contain a table where the users can enter multiple records for the same type of requirement; this form is attached to a workflow step. Please note that a workflow step might not have a table in it as this depends on how the client chose to build the form.

For example, you have a workflow step with a table. It contains has a list of licences that you need to provide to the client for verification and approval. This step requires you to add information about your motor vehicle license such as your licence number, the issued state, and the expiry date.

Please note that the status is updated when the workflow step is submitted.

Workflow Step statuses

For information on the workflow step statuses, please see the table below:

Icon Description
Indicates workflow steps with an approved status.
Indicates workflow steps with a conditionally approved status.
Indicates workflow steps with a submitted status.
Indicates workflow steps with a pending approval status.
Indicates workflow steps with an incomplete status.
Indicates workflow steps with a declined status.

When all the workflow steps have a status of Approved, the workflow step status is updated to either Approved or Submitted; this depends on the verification setting configured by the client for the workflow step.