If your business engages a contractor to perform a service, and that contractor sends their workers to one or more of your worksites to perform a job, then those people are known as your workers.

For example, your business is excavating a site and you need advice on the stability of some of the soil. You hire a company that provides that advice. They send out their workers - Jenny and Steve - to investigate your work site. In this case, Jenny and Steve are your workers. 

A workflow example of how your business fits into the Sitepass terminology is provided below:

Workers are general Sitepass users, as such, they can update their personal details, connect to their workers and to your business, find your work site contact details, and download their Sitepass ID card. They can also use Sitepass to undertake and complete online training assigned to their account.

As an Administrator, you can assign training or qualification requirements to the worker - these can be requirements that need to be completed before they begin working at your site. For example, you may require proof of a valid driver's licence, completion of your company's induction course, completion of general compliance training, and site-specific training to be completed. Once all these conditions are met, you can approve the worker to work at your site. 

If you have approved a worker to work at one of your sites, and:

  • They need to work at another one of your sites; and
  • Your requirements do not change from site to site; then 
  • That worker automatically meets the requirements to work at that additional site.

What this means is that the worker does not need to repeat your induction requirements - as their results and required documentation has been saved against their profile. This is a time saver for both your business and for that worker. Once the worker is connected to the second site, you can still decline or approve their requirements.

When there are different qualification requirements for your work sites, the worker is not automatically approved to work at your additional sites. They can only work onsite once they have met all your requirements for that work site. The worker is notified of any additional requirements they need to meet.    

People directly employed by your business are your team members. You can find your team members in Sitepass under the My team members page.