As an Administrator, you can use the My Employees page to browse and manage your employees' accounts.

You can view the content in the My Employees page in a grid or a list view. An example of the My Employees page in Grid view is provided below:

An example of the My Employees page in List view is provided below:

You can also search for your employee by inputting any of the following into the search bar on the My Employees page:

  • First name or last name
  • Sitepass ID
  • Username (email address)

When you are using Sitepass, everything is from your point of view. For example, My Employees are your employees, they are the people that are employed by your business. 

A workflow example of how your business fits into the Sitepass terminology is provided below:

More Information

For more information on My Employees, please see the following articles: