As an Administrator, you can use the Clients' page to see the basic details for all your clients - such as their names, logos, connection statuses, workflow statuses, business structure, industry, business numbers, addresses, Sitepass registration dates, and contact details.

All the clients you have connected to or are awaiting connection from appear on this page.

You can accept a client's connection request via the Clients' page. You can also disconnect from a client on this page. 

An example of the Clients' page is provided below:

You don't need to be on the Clients' page to search for a client, you can use the main search bar (which is at the top of every Sitepass page) to search for a particular client.

When you click on a client, Sitepass takes you to that client's workflow page, which contains the business requirements information.

A supplier needs to complete the business workflow requirements and gain approval from the client before their employees can connect to that client.

You can use the client's workflow page to manage your relationship with that client. 

Once in the client's workflow page, you can click on the View Client Profile option to see that client's general details.

Refining your results

You can use There are many ways to refine the results on your page by using the search filters. These filters enable you to search for a client based on:

Connection StatusUse this option to filter by client's that fall int a certain connection category, for example, you might have a process that requires you to follow up with client's that have a Connection Pending status; knowing that you need to send employees to work at that client's site soon.

Options: All, Connected, and Connection Pending.
Default: All.
AddressThis option allows you to type the client's street address, and to select a state, postcode, and country for that address.
Business StructureYou can refine your results by filtering clients that trade under a certain type of business. To do so, select one or more Business Structures here - for example, Association, Company, or Government Body.

Options:  These are all the business types as defined by Sitepass.
Default: All.
Industry GroupsTo refine your results by including only those clients that work within a particular industry group, select one or more industry groups from the Industry Groups drop-down - for example, Construction, Educational Services, or Finance and Insurance.

Options: These are all the industry group types as defined by Sitepass.
Default: All.
IndustryTo refine your results by including only those clients that work within a particular industry, select one or more industries from the Industry drop-down - for example, Caterers, Employment Services, or Locksmiths.

Options: These are all the industry group types as defined by Sitepass.
Contact DetailsThe Contact Details filter contains a search bar drop-down that you can use to find a client. To use this feature, enter the client's address, phone number, or email address in the search bar that appears when you click on the Contact Details option.

Options: Grid or List view

You can change how your results appear on the page by viewing the results in Grid or List view. To do so, go to the Options button and select the type of view you require:

Grid view - navigation tips

The Grid view displays your results like this:

Clicking on the client's profile takes you to their page.

Hovering over a profile with a Connection Pending makes three dots appear. When you click on those dots, the options to Accept or Decline the connection is made available - for example:

List view - navigation tips

The List view displays your results like this: 

There is a Columns drop-down that lets you select which columns appear in your list. The Columns drop-down is next to the Options drop-down. The columns that are ticked on appear in your list. An example of the Columns drop-down options is provided below:

Clicking on the business's trading name takes you to their page.

Reset all filters

The Reset all filters feature allows you to remove all filters from the page, which takes you back to the unfiltered results. 

Sitepass retains your selected filters when switching between pages. If you would like the page to return all the results, then remember to click the Reset all filters option when returning to the page.

Save search

You can set the search filters to return certain results. You can then save that set of filters under one search option.

To save the search, please follow these steps: 

  1. Choose a connection status from the Connection status drop-down - perform this step to specify what statuses appear in your results. You can choose more than one status.
  2. Insert address details from the Address drop-down perform this step if you know the client's address or if you would like to return clients from a particular state, postcode, or country. 
  3. Choose a business structure from the Business Structure drop-down - perform this step to specify what business types appear in your results. You can choose more than one type of business structure.
  4. Choose an industry group from the Industry Groups drop-down - perform this step to specify which industry groups appear in your results. You can choose more than one type of industry group.
  5. Choose an industry from the Industry drop-down - perform this step to specify the industries that appear in your results. You can choose more than one type of industry.
  6. Click on the Contact Details drop-down, then enter a client's phone number or email address in the search field - perform this step to find a specific client via their contact details.
  7. Click on Save search.
    The Save search panel opens.
  8. The Type field defaults to Clients - you cannot edit this field.
    However, you can choose a name for your search. To do so, enter a name in the Search title field. This is a mandatory step. 
  9. Save your search by selecting the Save button.

    Your saved search now appears in the My searches drop-down.

My searches

You can access your saved client searches in the My Searches drop-down list. 

To bring up the results for a saved search, got to the My searches drop-down and select the required search.

You can remove a search from the list or rename a search by going to the My searches drop-down and selecting the Manage searches option; this opens the Manage saved searches panel. 

From here, you can delete an option by clicking the Remove button.

 A Delete search warning appears, select the Yes, proceed! button to delete the search. 

RENAME: To rename a search, click in the name field and start typing. Clicking out of the field saves your changes.

More Information

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