As an Administrator, you can accept a connection request from a client, which allows your businesses to be connected in Sitepass.

Accept the Approve Connection email 

When a client sends you a connection request: 

  • A connection email notification is sent to you via email - this is to the email address you have listed in Sitepass as being able to accept notifications. The email contains an Approve Connection option. Clicking this option takes you to your Clients' page where you can accept the connection (unless you are logged out; in that case, you are taken to the Login page first). 
  • When you connect to a client, a connection confirmation email is sent to you and to your client. The email contains a View Profile option. Clicking this option takes you to your client's workflow summary (unless you are logged out; in that case, you are taken to the Login page first).
Accept the connection without the email

You can accept a client's connection request without using the email. To do so, log in as an Administrator, then follow these steps: 

  1. Go to the Clients' page.
  2. Search for your client.
    You can search for the client in a variety of ways, for example, you can reduce your results by going to the Connection Status filter and ticking on the Connection Pending option. You can also type their name into the search bar, or you can use the search feature within the Contact Details filter to search by the client's address.

  3. View the connection status.
    The client's logo (in the Grid view) displays with a status of Connection Pending.
  4. In Grid view, hover over the client's logo; three dots appear, click on those dots. Two options appear: 
    • Accept- clicking this option performs the following:
      • Establishes the connection between your client and you (as the supplier).
      • Notifies your client by sending them a connection acceptance email.
      • Prompts you to select a category and sub-category for the client.
        Once the category and sub-category are selected, Sitepass applies the appropriate workflow requirements.
    • Decline - clicking this option means that:
      • The connection between your client and your business (as the supplier) is not established.
      • A notification email is not sent to the client.

More Information

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