If you are an Administrator of a Client account, you can set a deadline in the Training page against any course that was created by your business via the Activity Builder.

The Deadline period allows you to set the number of days a person is given to re-take the course before that record expires. This means that when a training course passes the set number of days of the deadline period, the course expires.

The reset period controls when the course needs to be re-taken by a team member or worker, and the deadline period controls the number of days that person is given to complete the course.

Once a course reaches its reset period, Sitepass updates the workflow to have a status of Incomplete. If a course has a deadline period and the person has not completed that course within the set timeframe, then Sitepass updates the course to have an Expired status.

If a person has an expired course, then in their workflow:

  • The course (which is under the Induction Training step) has an Expired tag against it.
  • The status of the Induction Training step is Declined; and 
  • The overall workflow is Declined. 
  • Newly created courses have a default deadline period of 14 days.
  • When setting the Deadline Period for a course, if you enter 0 or no value in the Deadline period (days) field, then the Deadline Period = None. If the deadline period is set as None, the course does not expire.
  • When a course has a Deadline Period, the Administrator can still go to a workflow and update the deadline against that course for that person; this is achieved via the Induction Training step. Whatever deadline date the Administrator selects takes precedence over what is set as the default deadline period for that course.
  • The History log against the workflow captures the status changes of a course.

How to set a deadline for a training course

  1. Log in to Sitepass as Administrator of a Client account. 
  2. Go to Configuration.
  3. Select Training

This opens the Training page. 

  1. In the main window is a list of your Assignable Courses. Go to the course you would like to update the deadline period for. 
  2. Click on the deadline, which is within the Deadline Period column. 

The Set default deadline period box opens.

  1. Type the number of days you would like to set as the deadline for the course in the Deadline period (days) field. 
  2. Select the Submit button to finalise your change or select the Cancel button to cancel your change.

    If you select Submit, a confirmation appears at the bottom of your screen and your change is stored against the course.