Welcome to Sitepass! As a general user of Sitepass, you can access a variety of features in your Dashboard. The following information is designed to help you navigate your way around that Dashboard.   

An example of the Dashboard is provided below: 

Your Dashboard is divided into sections that provide you with options or information; those sections are as follows: 

  • My Profile - See your permission level here. Download your Sitepass ID card by selecting ID card. Click on your name to take you to your account details where you can access and update your personal profile information.
  • My Employer - Shows the employer you are currently logged in under. If you are employed by multiple businesses that are registered with Sitepass, then you can select Switch to switch to a different employer. Click on your employer’s name to see their business details.
  • Overall Compliance - The horizontal compliance bar provides you with your overall compliance status. It shows how you are adhering to the compliance set by your business and by your clients.
  • My Workflows Shows you a workflow status breakdown for your personal workflows. Click on a status to view the workflows that meet that status. If you are a new user and don’t have a workflow yet, My Workflows will list the clients that you can connect to.
  • My Training - Shows your enrolled training courses that you have not completed. Click on one of your incomplete courses to launch that course - you will be directed to the section you are up to if you have previously started the course.
  • Workflow Tasks - See a breakdown of your tasks here. Click on the Summary drop-down to switch between the Summary view and the Personal tasks view.