Welcome to Sitepass! As a Sitepass Work Site Manager, you can access a variety of features in your Dashboard. An example is provided below:

The following information is designed to help you navigate your way around that Dashboard.  


Your Dashboard is divided into sections that provide you with options or information; those sections are as follows:

  • Business Profile - shows you the business details of the employer you are currently connected to in Sitepass. As a team member, you can be connected to several employers. If you have multiple employers, you can switch between them by clicking on the business logo in the top-right-hand corner of Sitepass and selecting a different employer under the Select an Employer section. 
  • My Profile - you can access and update your personal profile here, for example, you can use My Profile to print your Sitepass ID card and to update your profile picture.
  • Status Overview - you can view the overall progress of your Workflows here. There is a drop-down menu in the top-right-hand corner. Use this to switch between your personal workflows and the workflows of your team, your contractors, and your workers. Click on a link at the bottom of the chart to bring up the page with the related results.  
  • My Incomplete Training - shows your enrolled training courses that you have not completed yet. Click on one of your incomplete courses to launch that course - you will be directed to the section you are up to if you have previously started the course.  
  • Saved Searches - you can access the results of your saved searches here. This provides you with a quick way to follow up on the results of your search.
  • Submitted for Approval - the drop-down menu in the right-hand corner allows you to switch between a list of workflows submitted by team members, contractors, or workers that are ready for your approval. Once you have approved a workflow, it no longer appears in this list.
  • My Worksites - provides you with a list of your worksites. Clicking on a link takes you to that worksite's page.
  • Release Notes - you can access the latest Sitepass release information here. Each link takes you to an article that outlines that change.
  • Feedback - you can send us your feedback by using the Feedback section provided here.