As an Administrator, you can export the results of certain Sitepass pages as a CSV file.

All columns available for selection within the page will be represented in the results, even if the column is not ticked on (via List mode) when the file is exported.

The pages where you can export your rests as a CSV file are as follows:

  • My workflows
  • My team
  • Clients
  • Contractors
  • Workers

To export your results:

  1. Log in as an Administrator.
  2. Go to the required page. 
  3. Set your filters to match your required criteria. 
  4. Go to the top right-hand side of your page and click on the Export CSV option.

    This downloads the CSV file.
Your browser and computer settings affect where the download appears. For example, it might appear at the bottom of the page and be stored in your computer’s Downloads folder.

CSV Export Output

Information about the output of the CSV file is provided below: 

  • Each record is presented in a single row.
  • When there are multiple records for the row, then the results still appear as one row. For example, a team member is connected to more than one client or they have more than one set of contact details. In this case, the multiple records are separated by a semicolon. 

File naming

The file name is based on the page you are exporting from and the date and time. For example:

  • <My workflows/My Team/Clients/Contractors/Workers>_datetime.