As an Administrator, you can invite a disconnected team member to connect via the My team page. 

There are two ways to reconnect your disconnected team member. 

  1. The workflow below outlines how to use the Connect option. 
  2. The Inviting your team members to connect article shows how to use the + Invite team button to send a connection request to your team member  – please note that Sitepass accounts are linked to the user’s email address. If your team member joins with a different address to the one used in their disconnected profile, they will create a new account.  
Billing connection count 

Once you connect a team member, their connection is included in the current billing cycle as one connection. 

To re-connect a team member to your business, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in as an Administrator.
  2. Go to the left index and select My team.
    Your My team page opens.

  3. Find the required team member.

    Use the Employer connection status filter to find disconnected team members.

  4. Hover over the person’s profile picture.
    The context menu appears (three little dots).
  5. Click on the context menu.
    The menu options appear, including one to connect.

  6. Click on Connect to send an invitation to connect to that team member.
  7. A warning appears asking you to confirm whether you would like to invite your team member to connect - an example is provided below:

  8.  Click on the Connect button to send your invitation; this goes to the email address set against that person’s Sitepass profile.

    A confirmation appears. An example is provided below:

    Your team member still shows as Disconnected on the page; this is because what you sent was an invitation to connect, and the team member has to accept your invitation before the connection is completed.