As an Administrator, you can disconnect a team member from your business via the My team page.

Billing connection count 

When disconnecting a team member, their connection is still included in the current billing cycle as one connection. After which, it will no longer be part of the connection count. 

To disconnect your team member from your business, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in as an Administrator.
  2. Go to the left index and select My team.
    Your My team page opens.

  3. Find the required team member.
  4. Hover over their profile picture.
    The context menu appears (three little dots).
  5. Click on the context menu.
    The menu options appear, including one to disconnect.

  6. Click on Disconnect to disconnect the team member from your business.

  7. A warning appears asking you to confirm that you want to disconnect the team member. An example is provided below:

  8. Click on the Disconnect button to disconnect the team member.
    A confirmation of the disconnection appears. An example is provided below:

    Your team member now shows as Disconnected on the page.

    When you click on their profile picture, you are taken to their workflows page, which shows that they have been fully disconnected.