The following questions and answers relate to our Visitor Management System.

What is a Visitor Management System (VMS)?

Sitepass’s flexible pricing means that you only pay for the connections you need, Visitor Management allows you to track the people who come and go from your worksite. A Visitor Management System (VMS) replaces the sign-in paper and allows you to go digital. VMS creates an easy and efficient way for your contractors and visitors to sign-in and out from your worksite. It also allows you to keep track of who's at your site and to ensure contractors are approved before they begin work; this enables you to remain compliant.

A comprehensive VMS raises your brand awareness by streamlining all the processes a business needs to manage the flow of people arriving on-site - as making these process easier for your contractors and visitors leaves them with a good impression of your business, providing them with a better all-round experience.

A cloud-based VMS adds security and enables you to meet data privacy laws - visitors cannot see who logged in before them, their contact details are protected, and you can know who is at your site at any point in time.

How does VMS help with compliance?

When a contractor signs in to your worksite, the Sitepass Visitor Management kiosk app uses their mobile number, email address, or Sitepass ID (via a QR code) to find their Sitepass account. Once found, the app displays the contractor’s workflow status. A successfully verified contractor can commence work immediately, while an unsuccessful verification prompts the contractor to complete their workflow requirements in Sitepass before they can work on-site; this might include creating a Sitepass account.

How do I get the Sitepass VMS?

The Sitepass VMS is available automatically when you have full access to Sitepass.

Contractors can download a Sitepass ID app on their phone that allows them to sign-in to a worksite faster. The app is available at the App Store and via Google Play.

What is a VMS kiosk?

A VMS kiosk is a hub where your visitors and contractors can sign-in and out of your site. You can have one at each of your worksites that tracks the people that attend that site.

Why have a Sitepass VMS kiosk?

A kiosk for the Sitepass VMS is easy to set up and to use. It keeps records; meaning that there is no need for a paper version sign-in. A Sitepass kiosk provides security and confidentiality, saves time when people arrive on-site ready to work, streamlines the sign-in and sign-out process, and allows you to capture a digital record of every visitor or contractor who comes to your premises. 

What hardware should I use for my Sitepass VMS kiosk?

The iPad is compatible with your Sitepass VMS kiosk. You can use the iPad to:

  • Automate the check-in and check-out process.
  • Access the QR code for contractor sign-in.
  • Print labels for your visitors.
  • Comply with Work Health and Safety legislation.
  • Have control over who is allowed on to your worksite. 
  • In the case of emergency, communicate with every individual working at your site.

For more information, please see our Sitepass VMS Kiosk Hardware article.

Can I use Sitepass VMS if I don't have the hardware needed for a kiosk?

Yes, your business can print the QR code for the worksite (each worksite has its own QR code) and keep it on-site for such occasions.

For a worksite that does not have a hardware-based kiosk, a sign-in record can be created when the worker signs in at the worksite by scanning the worksite's QR code with the mobile phone app.

Do I need a badge pass printer?

A printer is an optional tool when using the Sitepass VMS. It allows you to print a pass for your visitors and contractors. You can set up your front desk staff with a badge pass printer. 

How do I set up VMS for a worksite?

This is a manual process where you need to:

  1. Turn the Sitepass VMS ON.
  2. Enable the required worksite.
  3. Enter the secret key on the kiosk app.
  4. Complete the setup of the kiosk app for that particular work site.
What mobile devices are compatible with the Sitepass VMS?

The iPad is compatible with your Sitepass VMS kiosk. For mobile connections, apple and android phones are compatible.

Using the Sitepass Kiosk app on a mobile phone is not recommended. The kiosk is not compatible with an android or windows tablet.

What is a QR code?

A QR code is an encoded piece of data that looks and works like a barcode. It is a machine-scannable image, that contains information. It's available to anyone with a smartphone or iPad and is read by the device's camera.

Using a QR code is an easy way to instantly access stored information. When you scan the QR code, your device provides you with the information it contains.

Around the world, hundreds of millions of people use a smartphone or iPad on a daily basis, and a QR code can be scanned by these devices at the touch of a button.

How does the emergency alert work?

As the Sitepass VMS captures your visitors and contractors' mobile numbers, in the event of an emergency, your administrator can send a push notification instantly to all persons working on-site alerting them of the emergency.

What can streamline the sign-in/sign-out process for my contractors?

The Sitepass ID mobile app allows workers to sign-in and out of worksites faster, streamlining the whole process. Users can download the app from the App Store or via Google Play.

Do contractors and visitors have different logins?

Yes! A contractor's sign-in verifies their information. A visitor's sign-in captures their information.

A contractor's sign-in uses their Sitepass account, allowing you to verify that they have been approved to work on-site before they begin working.

A visitor sign-in allows a person who is just visiting to provide their details and sign-in.

Can I log someone out if they've forgotten to sign-out of the VMS?

Yes! There is an option to sign someone out of your worksite if they forgot to sign out when they left your worksite.

To do so, log in to the Sitepass VMS dashboard (see the workflow in the answer to the question above if you need help getting to this login). Once logged in, open the Signed In report and find the person in question. Clicking on the Sign out button signs the worker or visitor out of the worksite.

Other than sign-in and sign-out, what can I use the VMS for?

The Sitepass VMS:

  1. Lists all of your worksite locations, including their addresses.    
  2. Checks to see if contractors have been approved to work on-site. 
  3. Allows you to broadcast an SMS alert. 
  4. Provides the details of all persons signed in. 
  5. Supplies report data and it allows you to filter the results by name, company, date of entry, visitor type, location, and logged-in status. 
  6. Enables you to download a report in PDF or XLS showing the worksite and if someone has entered your site, the report shows that person's photo, contact details, and host (if applicable).  
What do I do if there's a problem with my VMS?

If you experience any approval issues, please contact your Sitepass Administrator.

Alternatively, if you believe there is a technical issue with your Sitepass website or the Sitepass VMS itself, please contact the Sitepass Service Desk.