You can set up a Visitor Management kiosk for Sitepass. The following information outlines your hardware options. 

Basic Kiosk

If your worksite does not have the hardware for a computer-based kiosk, you can print the QR code for the worksite (each worksite has its own QR code) and keep it on-site. A sign-in record can be created when the worker signs in at the worksite by having them scan that worksite's QR code with their mobile phone.

iPad Kiosk

The iPad is compatible with your Sitepass VMS kiosk. You can use the iPad to:

  • Automate the sign-in and sign-out process.
  • Access the QR code for contractor sign-in.
  • Print labels for your visitors.
  • Comply with Work Health and Safety legislation.
  • Have control over who is allowed on to your worksite. 
  • iPad Air or iPad Pro (iOS 10+)
  • iPad Stand
  • Socket Mobile QX stand
  • Socket Mobile SocketScan 700 Series barcode scanner
  • Brother QL-820NWB or QL-810W printer
  • Brother printer labels

Mobile sign-ins to the Kiosk with the Sitepass ID app

Apple and Android phones are compatible with the Sitepass VMS. A worker can sign-in to your site by scanning your QR code, either via the iPad or by using your printed version.