Welcome to Sitepass! As a Contractor Administrator, you can access a variety of features in your Sitepass Dashboard. The following information is designed to help you navigate your way around that Dashboard.  

An example of the Sitepass Dashboard for a Contractor account is provided below:


Your Dashboard is divided into sections that provide you with options or information; those sections are as follows:

  • Business Profile - you can access and update the profile of your business here. For example, you can access your Business Profile to update your logo and the address of your business. 
  • My Profile - you can access and update your personal profile here, for example, you can use My Profile to print your Sitepass ID card and to update your profile picture. 
  • Status Overview - you can view the overall progress of your Workflows here. There is a drop-down menu in the top-right-hand corner that allows you to switch between your personal Workflows and the Workflows for your clients or team. If you have results, the overview data appears here, and you can click on a link at the bottom of the chart to bring up the page with the related results.   
  • My Incomplete Training - shows your enrolled training courses that you have not completed yet. Click on one of your incomplete courses to launch that course - you will be directed to the section you are up to if you have previously started the course.  
  • Connection Requests - when a business requests a connection to your business, then that request shows here. A connection request displays here until you have accepted or declined that connection.
  • Saved Searches - you can access the results of your saved searches here. This provides you with a quick way to follow up on the results of your search. 
  • Release Notes - you can access the latest Sitepass release information here. Each link takes you to an article that outlines that change.
  • Feedback - you can send us your feedback by using the Feedback section provided here. 
  • Billing - shows that you have a Contractor account. It also provides you with a link to find out more about our plans, and an Upgrade button that you can use if your current plan does not suit your needs.