The Sitepass Visitor Management System (VMS) allows your business to streamline your contractor and visitor management processes to reduce risk, maximise control and increase peace of mind. The Sitepass VMS captures the data of people entering and leaving your worksite and it ensures that the people on-site meet all worksite safety requirements. It also allows businesses to manage and communicate with people who are currently at their worksite.

The Sitepass Visitor Management app helps you manage the sign-in and sign-out process for those working at or visiting your worksite and improves the experience of contractors and visitors at your worksite. It also allows you to:

  • Save time and resources by automating the sign-in and sign-out process.
  • Comply with Work Health and Safety legislation.
  • Customise the display with your business logo; this appears on the app during sign-in and sign-out.
  • Have control over who is allowed on to your worksite.
  • Gain visibility over who is at your worksite at any time.
  • Access the details of individuals that are currently working at your worksite (such as their full name, mobile number, and licences).
  • In the case of emergency, enables a quick and effective way to communicate with every individual working at your site.

When a contractor signs in to your worksite, the Sitepass Visitor Management app uses their mobile number, email address, or Sitepass ID (via a QR code) to find their Sitepass account. Once found, the app displays the contractor’s workflow status. A successfully verified contractor can commence work immediately, while an unsuccessful verification prompts the contractor to complete their workflow requirements in Sitepass before they can work on-site; this might include creating a Sitepass account.  

For a visitor, when they use the Sitepass Visitor Management app sign-in at a worksite, the app captures their basic details such as their full name, mobile number, email address, and the person they intend to meet on-site.

The Sitepass VMS also provides the following features:

  • Is available by default when you have full access to Sitepass.
  • QR barcode, mobile number, and email address sign-in options.
  • A mobile app that allows users to sign-in and out of worksites.
  • Print ID labels for those signed in.
  • Sign-in with a host view. 
  • Access to site records and attendance reports.
  • Broadcast SMS notifications to hosts and users.
  • Capture a photo of visitors and contractors when they sign-in.
  • Geofence is supported for each worksite.