To set up a kiosk for your Sitepass Visitor Management System (VMS), please follow these steps:

  1. Download the Sitepass Kiosk app on to your iPad.
    1. If you have enabled the VMS in Sitepass, go Configuration -> Visitor Management and scan the QR code to download the app.

      You can also access this code when you open a worksite (via My Worksites), and then click on the + Edit worksite button; this opens a panel. If Visitor management is toggled on for that worksite, the QR code is displayed in the panel.

      You can also download the app via option 1.b. (below)

    2. If you have not enabled the VMS Sitepass you can download the kiosk app directly from the Apple Store. This allows you to download the app first, before enabling Sitepass VMS.

      Once downloaded, you need to enable Sitepass VMS. To do so:
      1. Go to Configurations and select Visitor Management. 
      2. Toggle the Sitepass VMS on.
      3. Go to My Worksites.
      4. Select the required worksite.
      5. When it opens, select the + Edit worksite button. 
      6. When the panel opens, scroll down to Visitor Management and set its toggle to ON. Repeat this for all your required worksites.  

  2. In the Visitor Management page, take note of the secret key, which is displayed in the Secret Key field. If your VMS was enabled more than ten minutes ago, you need to refresh your key by clicking the Refresh Secret Key button, then confirm your action by clicking the Refresh button that appears in the Are you sure you want to refresh your secret key? pop-up. 
  3. Open the Sitepass kiosk app.
  4. Click on the Setting icon - you can find this on the top right-hand corner of your screen.
  5. Enter the Sitepass Secret Key that you jotted down in Step 2.

  6. Click the Next button.
  7. Confirm whether the worksite shown belongs to the client displayed on the Sitepass kiosk app (their logo appears on the top left-hand corner of the app).

    Click Yes to confirm.
    Click No if the worksite is not for your business. The kiosk app will take you back to the Secret Key page.

  1. Select the relevant worksite.

    These are the worksites set up for your business in Sitepass that have had the Sitepass VMS enabled. To manage your worksites, go to the My worksites page.

  1. Confirm that the worksite chosen is the right one - it shows the correct name and address.

    If this is incorrect, it needs to be updated in Sitepass on the My worksites page.

  1. Let the app know if you are using a printer with your kiosk.

    If you select Yes, a badge is printed when a visitor signs in - badges are not printed for workers.

    If you select No, badges are not printed for visitors or workers when they sign-in.