The following article contains general information about the Activity Builder itself, as opposed to how to create and manage learning activities and SCORM packages.

Launch the Activity Builder

  1. Log in as an Administrator of a Client account. 
  2. Go to Configuration in the left menu.
  3. Select the Training box.

This opens the Training page.

  1. Open the Activity Builder by selecting Launch Activity Builder.

Opening the Activity Builder takes you to the dashboard, which displays learning activities that have been created for your site. You can create new learning activities or browse through existing learning activities via the dashboard.  

The dashboard consists of three major sections, which are explained below.

Latest Activities panel

Learning activities that have been created for your site appear in the Latest Activities panel. 

The basics of this panel are listed below: 

  • The + Create new activity button allows you to create a new learning activity or SCORM Package. 
  • When you click on the learning activity's image or any of the white space below it, a panel will open that shows general information about that learning activity. 
  • You can edit, preview,  duplicate, and archive your learning activities via the Latest Activities panel.
  • Clicking on the name of the learning activity opens it. 
  • Draft learning activities are labelled as In Development. Published learning activities are marked as Live. 
  • If a learning activity is locked by another user, trying to edit it will allow you to send that user an Unlock request. 
To publish a learning activity, you need to open it first. Click on its name, and when it opens, select the Publish button at the bottom of your page.

General information about how the learning activities display (when in Grid mode) in the Latest Activities panel is provided in the diagram below: 

Filtering and sorting

Use the Filter and Sort drop-downs to organise your results in the panel.

Filter - this drop-down allows you to filter your results by these categories: Archived, In Development, Live, Live + Unpublished Changes, Assigned, Not Assigned, Learning Activity, SCORM.

Sort By - this drop-down allows you to sort your results by the following: Unit ID, Modified, Title. 

Grid or List view

You can view the Latest Activities panel in Grid or List view. The icons in the upper-right-hand corner of your page allow you to switch between views. The List icon is on the left and the Grid icon is on the right.

Grid view lets you see thumbnail previews of all learning activities. List view allows you to see the learning activities in a list.

History log

The left section of the dashboard displays the History Log; this keeps track of every learning activity change; this includes creation, modification, and deletion. You can also view who initiated the changes and what time they occurred.

All of the entries listed in the History Log are sorted in date order, starting with the most recent event. Each entry displays the following information:

  • The title of the learning activity.
  • The action that was performed.
  • The date/time the action occurred.  
  • The name and photo of the user who made the change.


The bottom section of the dashboard contains links to additional resources that you might find of use when using the Activity Builder.