Worksite Managers and Administrators of Client accounts can turn Visitor Management on and off against your worksites. 

For this option to be available, an Administrator needs to have turned Sitepass VMS integration on for your business. If this feature is switched from on to off, Visitor Management is disabled for all worksites. They remain off even if Sitepass VMS is switched back on; any worksite that needs Visitor Management enabled will have to have it switched on manually (as described below).

If visitor management has not been turned on for your account, the Visitor Management section does not appear in the Edit worksite panel for any of your worksites. If you are an Administrator of a Client account, you can enable Sitepass VMS via Configuration -> Visitor Management.

Activate/Deactivate Sitepass Visitor Management for a worksite

You can activate or deactivate Visitor Management for a worksite in a few simple steps: 

  1. Go to the My worksites page.

  2. Choose the worksite that you want to activate Visitor Management against.
  3. When the worksite opens, click on the + Edit worksite button.

    The Edit worksite panel opens.

  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the panel to the Visitor Management section.

    • A deactivated (or non-activated) worksite has the Visitor Management option toggled off.
    • An activated worksite has the Visitor Management option toggled on.

  1. Toggle the Visitor Management option on to activate it.

    Alternatively, toggle the Visitor Management option off to deactivate it.

    When Visitor Management is toggled on, the Provider drop-down appears with Sitepass VMS selected; you don't need to do anything with this drop-down.  

  2. Submit your changes by clicking the Submit button at the bottom of the panel.

    The panel closes and a confirmation box appears, confirming your changes.

  3. Look in the top right-hand corner of your worksite's page - if you have turned Sitepass VMS on, the Sitepass VMS dashboard button displays here. (If you have toggled Visitor Management off, this option no longer appears on your page.)

    For information on the Sitepass VMS dashboard, please see our Access the Sitepass VMS Dashboard article.