The Workflow Wizard helps you get started on a team member's workflow for a client. You can choose to access this wizard on a team member's workflows' page.

You may have noticed the wizard opening automatically; this occurs when the person has not completed the wizard for a client and you select that client in the person's workflow page. The following article is about how to open the Workflow Wizard manually.

For the Workflow Wizard to pop up and for the Workflow Wizard option to appear, the client selected on the person's workflows' page needs to have set up at least one of the following: their work role categories or their work sites.

Steps - Opening the Workflow Wizard manually

  1. Log in to Sitepass.
  2. Select an option from within My Teams - via the left index.
    This opens the My Teams' page.
  3. Find and select the required person. 
  4. When the Workflows' page opens for that person, go to the top right-hand corner of your page and select the Workflow Wizard option. An example is provided below:

    Remember, if the client has not set up their work role categories and they have not created any work sites, then the Workflow Wizard is not an available option here.

    Congratulations! you have opened the Workflow Wizard manually.

    You can now edit the wizard as you see fit.