Sitepass provides a marketplace of hundreds of professionally developed compliance courses that enable you to induct and train your workforce. 

An Administrator of a Client account can browse and purchase online training courses from our course marketplace; these courses cover:

  • Health and Safety
  • Ethics and Conduct
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Leadership and Management
  • Healthcare
  • Personal Development
  • Sales and Customer Service

We can also create bespoke content for you - content that meets the training or induction needs that are specific to your business.


Sitepass enables you to configure your Induction process; this process can include - but is not limited to - worker onboarding, proof that the person or business meets your licensing requirements, proof of medical or police checks, and your pre-qualification requirements. 


Sitepass enables you to deliver online training to your workforce through corporate and site inductions, assessments, policies and procedures, assessments, and general compliance training.

You can develop content using our authoring tool, upload SCORM courses, or select training from our extensive and professionally designed off-the-shelf compliance course library.  

More Information

For more information on training, please see the following articles: