If your employee was disconnected from a client, they can be reconnected via the client's workflow page.

Steps - Connect a disconnected employee to a client

To reconnect your employee to a client, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in as an Administrator.
  2. Go to the left index and select Clients.
    The Clients' page opens.
  3. Find and select the client that has disconnected your employee.
    The Workflows' page opens for that client.
  4. Go to the Manage section and select Employees.
    Your employees that meet the filter criteria appear on the page.
  5. Update the Connection Status filter by clicking on its drop-down and selecting Disconnected from the list.

    All the disconnected employees for that client appear on the page. An example is provided below:

  6. Find the employee you want to connect and hover over their profile picture. 
  7. The context menu (three little dots) appears on the right-hand corner of their picture. Click on it. 
  8. An option to Connect appears. Click on Connect to connect the employee.
    An example is provided below:

  9. The Workflow Wizard opens, which allows you to select the worker roles and work sites for that employee as laid out by the client.
    1. Select worker roles for that employee from the Pick work roles' list. 
    2. Select the Next button. 
    3. If the client has work sites, the Pick work sites' list appears. If applicable, connect the employee to the required work sites.
      Please note that your business has to be connected to the work site for it to appear in the wizard.
    4. To finish the setup, click on the Finish button.

      The workflow for that employee and client connection is displayed on the page. You can complete additional workflow steps here if need be.

  10. In the top right-hand corner of the page is a Back button, click on it.

    This takes you back to the client's workflow page with the Employees section in view.

  11. Find your employee (the same one from step 6).
    You will see that they are no longer disconnected - their profile is not greyed out and the Disconnected label no longer appears. An example is provided below:

Congratulations! You have connected a disconnected employee to a client. 

More Information

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