As an Administrator of a Client account, you can invite a disconnected contractor to connect to your business via a connection request. The contractor then needs to accept your request; once accepted, the connection has been made and no further connection steps are required. 

Send a connection request

To invite your disconnected contractor to connect, you need to send them a connection request. To do so, please follow these steps: 

  1. Log in to Sitepass as an Administrator of a Client account.

    Work Site Managers can see disconnected contractors, but only Administrators can send a connection request to a disconnected contractor.

  2. Go to your Contractors page.

  3. When the page opens, find your disconnected contractor. You can use the filters to find contractors by their role, workflow status, and connection status.

    To focus on only disconnected contractors, untick the Connected and Connection Pending options in the Connected Status filter drop-down. An example is provided below:

    To connect a disconnected contractor, you need to have the Contractors page in Grid view.

  4. When you have found the contractor, hover over their logo.
  5. A context menu (three little dots) appears in the top right-hand corner of their logo. Click on that menu.
  6. An option to connect appears. Click on it to send a connection request to that contractor. An example is provided below:

    A confirmation appears letting you know that your invitation to connect has been sent to the contractor; for example:

    The contractor now has a Connection Pending status. An example is provided below:

Connecting to a contractor is not instantaneous. The contractor needs to accept your request for the connection to occur.