You can disconnect from suppliers if you no longer need to work with them or if you do not need to be connected to them in Sitepass. You can find your disconnected suppliers in your Suppliers' page. 

Steps - Find a disconnected supplier

To find a disconnected supplier, please follow these steps: 

  1. Log in to Sitepass as an Administrator or Work Site Manager.

    Only Administrators can disconnect a supplier or send a connection request to the supplier once they have been disconnected.

  2. Click on the Suppliers' option in the left index. 
  3. When the Suppliers' page opens, find disconnected suppliers by going to the Connected Status' filter drop-down and selecting Disconnected.

    To focus on only disconnected suppliers, untick the Connected and Connection Pending options in the drop-down. An example is provided below:

    Congratulations! You have found your disconnected suppliers.

More Information

For more information on disconnection, please see the following articles: