The Saved Searches' module of your Dashboard provides you with an easy way to access your saved searches.

An example of the Saved Searches' module is provided below: 

The drop-down options in the module represent each page that allows a search to be saved. For a search to appear in the module, it has to be toggled ON. To remove a saved search from this module, please see the steps provided below.

Steps: Configure the widget - Remove a saved search from your dashboard

The following steps show you how to remove a saved search from the Saved Searches' module of your Dashboard:

  1. Log in to Sitepass as an Administrator or a Work Site Manager.
  2. Go to the Saved Searches' module on your Dashboard (which is the landing page). 
  3. Go to the drop-down and select the page the search was saved against. For example, if you saved a search in the Suppliers' page, you would choose Suppliers from the Saved Searches' drop-down. 
  4. Go back to the drop-down and select Configure Widget.
    An example of the Configure Widget option is provided below:

    The Configure dashboard panel opens. Your saved searches appear in the panel - these are the searches that you have saved in the page you selected from the drop-down (in step 3). An example of the panel is provided below:

  5. Toggle OFF a search to remove it from the Saved Searches module. Toggle OFF all the options that you want to remove.

    When you toggle an option ON or OFF, a confirmation box appears to show that your change has been accepted. An example of the confirmation box is provided below:
  6. Select the Close button to close the panel.
  7. Review the Saved Searches module. The options you toggled OFF no longer display in the module.

Congratulations! You have removed a saved search from your Dashboard.

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