As an Administrator, you can change the order of your categories and sub categories.

The order the categories and sub categories appear in the Categories' page is the order they appear to the user when they are selecting a worker role or a business category in a workflow. 

To change the order of a category, simply find it in the Categories' page, grab it with your mouse, and then drag it to the required position.

For a sub category, go to the Categories' page and click on the Settings' icon against the relevant category. When the panel for that category opens, you can then move the sub category by grabbing it with your mouse and then dragging it to the required position. More information is provided below.

Steps - Change the order of a sub category 

To change the order of your categories, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in as an Administrator.
  2. Go to Configuration. 
  3. Click on Categories.
  4. Choose the required category type to configure - Worker Roles or Supplier Categories.

  5. Go to the category that contains the sub category you want to change. 
  6. Click on the Settings icon against that category. The Edit Category panel opens. An example of the icon and the panel is provided below:

    From here you can:
    • Change the name of your category.
    • Make your category mandatory or optional.
    • Change the order of your sub categories.
    • Add sub categories.
    • Delete sub categories.
    • Rename sub categories. 
    • Make sub categories mandatory or optional.
    • Allow only one sub category to be selected or allow any sub category to be selected. 
  7. To change the order of a sub category, grab it with your mouse and then drag it to the required position.
Each sub category has the word Mandatory against it. To move the sub category, grab it via its Mandatory section.
  1. When you have made all your changes, save them by clicking the Save button.

    The panel closes, and a confirmation box appears stating that your category has been successfully updated - for example:

Congratulations! You have re-ordered your sub categories.

More Information

For more information on categories, please see the following articles: