You can make manual credit card payments to Sitepass by following the steps provided below. 

The data provided in this article is not a reflection of our pricing, this is only a guide as to the type of information you can see when viewing your billing details. If you have any pricing questions, please contact us or refer to our Pricing page for our specific pricing details.

Steps - Make a manual payment

  1. Log in as an Administrator.
  2. Go to Configuration.
  3. Select the Billing option. The Billing Details page opens with the Plan Details section in focus.

(Alternatively, you can go to your Dashboard, scroll across to the My Plan section, and then click on the Manage Plan link.)

  1. Click on the Invoices' tab. The page scrolls down to the Invoices' section. 
  2. Go to an invoice that is unpaid - unpaid invoices show a status of Open in the Status column of the Invoices' table.  
  3. Click on the context menu (three little dots); this appears in the Invoices' table against invoices that have an Open Status. The context menu opens. 
  4. Click on the Open option that appears. An example is provided below:

    The invoice opens. An example is provided below:

  5. Enter your credit card number into the Card number field.
  6. Enter the card's expiry month in the MM section, the expiry year in the YY section, and the verification code in the CVC section. 
  7. If your card is flagged as being from the USA, please also put your zip code in the Card number field (next to the CVC).  
  8. Click on the Pay invoice button.

    If your credit card details are incorrect, you will receive an error. In this case, you will need to correct your details and resubmit the invoice for payment.

    For successful payments, you will receive a receipt. An example is provided below:

  9. Download your invoice by clicking the Download as PDF button.