In Billing, which you can access via Configuration, the Coupons' section shows you if any discount coupons have been applied to your account. You can remove and redeem coupons here. An example of the Coupon section is provided below:

Steps  - Add a coupon code

Please follow these steps to add a coupon code to your account:

  1. Log in as an Administrator. 
  2. Go to Configuration.
    (Alternatively, click the View Invoices button on your dashboard and then skip step 3.)
  3. Select Billing. The Billing Details page opens with the Plan Details section in focus. 
  4. Either scroll down to the Coupons' section or click on the Coupons' menu option - an example is provided below:

  5. Click on the enter coupon code field. An example is provided below:

  6. Enter your coupon code. An example is provided below:

  7. Click the Redeem coupon button.

    Please note the following:
    An invalid code returns an error - an example is shown below:

    A valid code returns a confirmation box - an example is shown below:

    Your added coupon also appears in the Coupons section - for example:

Delete a coupon code

To delete a coupon code, go to the Coupons' section of Billing (as mentioned above), find the coupon you want to remove, and then click on the red x that is against that coupon.

A confirmation box appears to let you know the coupon has been deleted - for example:

More Information

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