You can add credit card details in your Sitepass account. You can also change the primary credit card.

The data provided in this article is not a reflection of our pricing, this is only a guide as to the type of information you can see when viewing your billing details. If you have any pricing questions, please contact us or refer to our Pricing page for our specific pricing details.

Steps - Add a credit card

  1. Log in as an Administrator.
  2. Go to Configuration.

    (Alternatively, you can go to your Dashboard, scroll down to the Billing section, and then click on the View invoices button.)
  3. Select the Billing option. The Billing Details page opens with the Plan Details section in focus. 
  4. Go to Payment Method, which is within the Plan Details section. 
  5. Click on the Edit option - for example:

    The Change payment method panel opens - for example:

  6. Check your billing email address, which is in the Billing email address field. If your email is incorrect, please update your details. 
  7. Add your new credit card by clicking the + Add button.
  8. When the Add credit card pop-up appears, add your credit card details: 
    1. Add your card number in the Card number field.
    2. Add your card's expiry month in the MM section of the date field.
    3. Add your card's expiry year in the YY section of the date field.
    4. Add your card's verification code in the CVC field.

      An example of the Add credit card pop-up is provided below:

  9. Click the Add button at the bottom of the pop-up to complete this process.

    Your credit card is added to the Change payment method panel. You can access your added credit cards any time by opening this panel (see steps 1-5 for more details).  

More Information

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