As an Administrator, you can edit the subscription type, which allows you to pick the best subscription plan for your business.

There are two types of subscription plans:

  1. Sitepass Premium Support.
  2. Sitepass Standard Support.

For information on our pricing, please see our Pricing article. 

You can upgrade to the Premium Support plan at any time. If you would like to change your subscription from the Premium Support plan to the Standard Support plan, please contact the Sitepass Service Desk.

Upgrade to the Premium Support plan

The data provided in this article is not a reflection of our pricing, this is only a guide as to the type of information you can see when viewing your billing details. If you have any pricing questions, please contact us or refer to our Pricing page for our specific pricing details.
  1. Log in as an Administrator.
  2. Go to Configuration. 
  3. Select the Billing option. The Billing Details' page opens with the Plan Details' section in focus. 
  4. Go to Support Plan, which is within the Plan details section. 
  5. Select View Details - for example:

    The Change support plan panel opens - for example:

    Charges occur when you upgrade to the Premium Support subscription plan.

  6. Click on the Compare link - for example:

    The Support plan details panel opens, which allows you to compare our plans. It also shows which plan your business is on with Sitepass. Please contact us if you have any pricing questions.

  7. Go back to Sitepass.
  8. Select the Sitepass premium support plan option.

    A warning appears, which lets you know that upgrading your support plan incurs additional charges. It also informs you know that if you want to go back to the Standard support plan, you will need to contact our Service Desk. An example of the warning is provided below:

  9. To confirm your change from the Standard support plan to the Premium support plan, click on the Upgrade button. Alternatively, click Cancel to cancel your request.

    A confirmation appears when you upgrade to let you know that your upgrade has been successful.

    Your support plan now shows as the Premium support plan. Examples are provided below: