Do you work for multiple businesses? Are you connected to those employers on Sitepass? If so, switching between them is easy. 

The logo of your selected employer displays in the top right-hand corner of your screen.
  • You don't need a separate account for each employer because your login details are unique to you, and Sitepass allows you to switch between your employers while logged in. 
  • One employer is displayed at a time, which allows you to focus on your requirements for that business. 
  • The one central Sitepass account also means that you don't need to repeat a course for multiple employers; this works by automatically applying your results when the same course is requested by a different employer.
  • For you to be connected to an employer, that employer needs to send you a connection invitation, which allows you to add them. Contact your employer's Sitepass Administrator if you need them to send you a connection request.

You can access the Switch button on your Dashboard, which allows you to switch between your employers. 

This opens the Search employer panel where you can search for and choose the employer you want to switch to.

All employers that you are connected to show in your Account menu, you can select a different employer here. 

You can also access your employers by clicking on My profile in the left index menu. When the Account details page opens, select the Employers submenu.