Having trouble with your workflows? The tips below may be of use: 

  • Workflow Categories: Cannot select a category.
    While in a workflow, you tried to add a workflow category; however, you could not find an Add button or an Add link.

    This occurs when the chosen client has not set up their workflow categories for your role (for Administrators - depending on whose workflow you are looking at, this could be the role belonging to the business or person). The button is missing because there are no categories to add.

  • Worksites: The worksite I need is not available.
    You need to go to a particular worksite, but when you try to add that worksite you can't because it's not showing under Connected Work Sites.

    This occurs when your employer has not connected to that worksite in Sitepass. The business you are working for needs to connect to the worksite first before you can connect. If this occurs, please let your Sitepass Administrator know.