As an Administrator, you can see your clients' basic details in the Clients page - such as their names, logos, connection statuses, business structure, industry, business numbers, addresses, Sitepass registration dates, and contact details. You can also see the status of your workflow for that client. Most of this information can be found by looking at the page in List view - an example is provided below: 

To open your Workflow page for a client (available for a connected and disconnected clients), click on their trading name. An example of the workflow page is provided below: 

Once in the Workflow page, you can view the client's profile by clicking on the View client profile link - for example:

The View business details panel opens, which contains an overview of the client's business details - for example:

Your Business Status

Your Business Status section shows your Workflow status in relation to that client. The statuses are Approved, Conditional, Submitted, Pending, Ready, Incomplete, and Declined. The status of your relationship depends on how far in the connection process you have progressed. Provided below are examples of the Incomplete and the Approved Business Statuses: 

For more information on statuses, please see our Workflow statuses article. 

Workflow Requirements

The client sets up what they require from your business; these are the steps your business needs to provide or do to meet their requirements. An example of workflow steps under the Work Requirements section is provided below: 


Workflow categories

As an Administrator, you can determine which business categories and sub-categories apply to your business in relation to working with that client. 

For more information on the Business categories section, please see our Set Business Categories against a client article.

My team

As an Administrator, you can view which of your team members are currently connected to your clients. You can also connect a team member to a client, which then creates a client workflow for that team member. 

For more information on the My team section, please see our My team - connections to your client article.

Connected work sites

As an Administrator, you can connect your business to a client's worksite. Once connected, your team members can connect to that work site as well. 

A client sets up their work sites in Sitepass, these work sites appear on the page when: 

  1. You are viewing your business's workflow for a client; and
  2. You go to the Manage menu and select Connected work sites.

+ Connect 
Work sites that your business has not connected to have a option. If your business is connected to a particular work site, then that work site does not have the connect option.

For more information on the Connected section, please see our Connecting your business to a client's worksite article.