Sitepass provides users with an identification (ID) card, they can download their card and use it on-site to prove who they are and if they are qualified to work at that site. 

The Sitepass ID card is linked to the user's Sitepass account. It contains dynamic information about that user. You - as an employer or client - can scan the card's barcode by using a device that has Quick Response (QR) scanner software. To read the barcode, you can use a computer QR scanner product or you can download a QR scanner app on your smartphone or tablet. 

An example of the barcode on a Sitepass ID is shown below: 

Scanning when logged out of Sitepass

When a QR barcode is scanned, a summary of the user's account is displayed - you do not need to login Sitepass to use this feature; this information is visible to anyone who scans the barcode on the card. However, to view the person's full workflow, you need to log in as a Sitepass Client account Administrator or as a Worksite Manager.

Logged out

If you are logged out of Sitepass, the QR scan returns the following:

  • The full name of the individual.
  • The person's Sitepass profile picture. 
  • Their main verification status. 
  • The subscription status and expiry date, if applicable. 
  • The name of the business the person works for and that business's verification status.

Logged in to Sitepass

When a Client account Administrator or Worksite Manager logs in to Sitepass, they can view the full workflow of an individual. This includes the standard workflow steps, such as the user's personal details, and any custom workflow steps that have been assigned. 

A Client account Administrator can also view individual records such as induction training, licences, and external training.

View the history log

When logged in, you can access the person's History Log on their Sitepass workflow page. A way to find this information is to search for the person by their name, selecting them as a Team Member or Worker, then clicking on the History Log icon. An example of the icon and of an open History Log is shown below: 

The History Log contains a history of changes that have occurred against that person's profile. For example, a change triggered by an administrator or comments recorded for a workflow step. The information within the log helps an administrator manage a person's account by allowing them to identify why the account status is pending, declined, or approved.