Your Dashboard provides you with the overall progress of your workflows. An example is provided below:

Depending on your permission level, your Dashboard will show your personal workflows and may also include the workflows of your clients, team members, contractors, and workers. Click on a link to bring up the page that contains the related results. 

Each workflow has an approval process. As part of that process, each workflow is assigned a status; this status changes depending on what stage of the process the workflow is in. The statuses are as follows: 

  • Approved The workflow has passed all the requirements as specified by the requesting business. 
  • Submitted The workflow has been submitted to the business's Administrator but has not yet been reviewed.
  • Declined The business's Administrator has declined the workflow or workflow step. Usually, this comes with a comment from that Administrator, which allows the operator to rectify the issue and then resubmit the workflow for another review.
  • Ready A step has been completed but it has not been submitted. When the main status is Ready, it means that all steps within the workflow have been completed but the workflow has not been submitted to the business for approval. 
  • Incomplete The workflow or workflow step has not been attempted. No changes have been applied. The main status stays as Incomplete if one or more of the steps are incomplete. 
  • Pending The business's Administrator has verified one or more pieces of information within the workflow; however, further information is required before the workflow can be approved. 
  • Conditional The workflow or workflow step has been approved - with conditions - by the business’s Administrator. Usually, this status includes a comment from that Administrator notifying the user of further actions required to gain a full approval status.