As an Administrator, you can view which of your employees are connected to your clients. 

Steps - View your employees against a client

To find out which of your employees are connected to a client, please follow these steps: 

  1. Log in as an Administrator.
  2. Click the Clients' option in the left-hand pane.  
    This opens the Clients' page.
  3. Click on the desired client; this opens the selected business's workflow page.
  4. Click the Employees tab under the Manage section.
    This shows all your employees and their connection to the chosen client. An example is provided below:


Only employees that are not connected have a Not Connected status. All connected employees have a different status - for example, Accepted, Pending, Incomplete, or Declined. An example of an employee with an Incomplete status is provided below - their profile does not show as Not Connected; therefore, they are connected to that client:

Not Connected

When your employee's status is Not Connected, you can connect them to this client by using the following steps: 

  1. Hover over the employee's profile.
  2. Click on the context menu when it appears (the three little dots).
    This opens a drop-down that contains the Connect option.
  3. Click on Connect.
    An example is shown below:

This action connects your employee to your client. The Workflow Wizard opens as a result, which allows you to assign work roles to the employee and connect them to the client's work sites - that is, as long as the client has set these options up for their business. Please note that what you select in the Workflow Wizard determines the workflow assigned to the employee for that client.

When you click the Finish button in the Workflow Wizard, the Workflow page for that employee opens with that client in focus. You can complete additional workflow steps for that employee from this page. You can also click on the Back button (top left-hand side of the screen), which takes you back to the Client's Workflow page with your employees in focus. From here you can see that the Not Connected status is no longer displayed against the employee you just connected. An example is provided below:

More Information

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