The My workflows page provides you with access to your personal workflows. This page displays businesses that you as an individual are connected to or can connect to (provided that your employer is already connected to that business).

The following diagram is aimed at helping you complete a workflow: 

An example of the My workflows page is provided below:

You can perform the following on the My workflows page:

  • Search and view all clients that:
    • You are currently connected to.
    • Your employer is currently connected to, but you are not yet connected to.
    • You have been disconnected from. 
  • View your workflow status for each client you are connected to.
  • Navigate to your workflow for a specific client, which allows you to view, update, or complete that client's workflow requirements.

When it comes to searching, you have access to the following features: 

  • Quick search bar – to search for a business by its business name.
  • Filters – to search for businesses based on their workflow status and/or their connection status.
  • Save search – to save the search filters that you have entered on the page.
  • My searches – to use one of your saved searches to find the results of that search.

When you click on a business that is in your My workflows page, you are taken to your workflow page for that client. Please note that workflow requirements may differ from one client to another. An example of the workflow page for a client is provided below:

You can perform the following on this page:

  • Select your work roles.
  • Select your work sites.
  • Complete your training.
  • View and complete all your workflow requirements for a specific client.